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              China's second deep-sea fishery, shenlan 2, is about to be built

              Column:Industry News Time:2019-03-05

                  Website: http://www.bbwfish.com/article.asp?Artid = 201895

                  After years of waiting, the time is finally approaching to count down the days when the locally produced salmon will be served to the Chinese table. In 2018, the first batch of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout that are put into the " Shenlan 1" full-submersible intelligent cage farming will grow up and be put on the dining tables of Chinese people this year.

                  On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, during the holiday, there are not many people in the office of Wanzefeng Fishing Co., Ltd. in Rizhao city, Shandong province. However, in the monitoring room of its marine ranch, the author saw a very different scene through the underwater camera -- more than 20 cm long salmon group shuttling back and forth, full of vigor and vitality.

                  Breeders told the author, a month ago, these precious "fish baby" just left the arms of "deep blue no. 1", transferred from the remote and mysterious Yellow Sea cold water group to the offshore marine ranch for examination, and passed the pilot test.

                  "Passing the pilot test means that more than 200,000 salmon successfully survived nine typhoons and other harsh conditions under the care of “Shenlan 1” and survived two important seasons of summer and winter.” Dong Wei, the head of the planning department of Wan Zefeng Fishery Company told the reporter. “Shenlan 1” salmon can be delivered within 24 to 48 hours, with more tender meat, and will be more competitive in the market, compared with imported salmon whose meat is less elastic due to freezing.

                  On May 4, 2018, “Shenlan 1”, China's first deep sea fishery and breeding facility, was finally completed. On July 2,  salmon fry were put into “Shenlan 1”. A new journey of China's deep sea fishery and breeding kicked off.


                  After the success of “Shenlan 1”, the updated version will also be available soon. In 2019, China will build the second deep-sea fishery, “Shenlan 2”, with the capacity expanded three times and an unattended and intelligent management. It can breed 100,000 salmon, net worth more than 3 hundred million dollars.

                  In the office of Wanzefeng Fishing Co., Ltd. in Rizhao city, Dong wei showed the reporter the photo of “Shenlan 2”. Compared with “Shenlan 1”, “Shenlan 2” cage box has a triangular green installation, and the craft is more complicated.

                  “Shenlan 2” will be an integrated cage box. It can control the supply of light, oxygen and fish feed. It can be without people guarding, and achieve intelligent management. The breeding volume is 3 times more than “Shenlan 1”. It can breed 100,000 salmon, net worth more than 3 hundred million dollars.

                  The design stage of “Shenlan 2” has finished, and the production stage will start this year, and will be finished by the end of the year. In the coming years, Wanzefeng Fishing Co., Ltd. in Rizhao city will invest to build more “Shenlan” cage boxes. These cage boxes and working vessel, processing vessel, and cargo vessel constitutes deep sea green aquaculture platform.