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              Fish lip soaking procedures and cooking methods

              Column:FOOD CULTURE Time:2015-01-08

              Fish lips are not the lips of fishes, but a part of the fish tail. Its texture is soft and smooth.

              Fish lip is rich in protein and colloid, and the main ingredient is colloid. It is very rich in nutritional value. Traditional Chinese medicine says it has the function of "supplementing deficiency and lowering qi". Common cooking methods are grill, braise, stewed, stew, clay pot and fry. In Guangdong province, people will boil it with huaishan, medlar, lean meat, old chicken and big bone to make soup. It is commonly eaten as nourishing food.

              1. Soak the colloid thoroughly (overnight) to soften it.

              2. Put it into the pot (with lots of water), and turn off the fire after the water boils. Bake in hot water until water cool down. No need to turn on the fire again. Bake in hot water until the water cool down. Then add hot boiled water again. Do it over 2 to 3 times until the colloid is soft. It depends on the size of the fish.

              3. Add oil, ginger, scallion, Shaoxing wine and water, simmer it, to remove its bad smell. Soak in cold water. Then you can immediately use it, or you can soak it in cold water for storage in refrigerator.